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I can buy a f'in cantaloupe in the farmers' market for $3.50 using my credit card and Stripe; but the train can't be bothered to enter the 21st century and install payment machines in the trains?

I once missed a Caltrain because I didn't have time to buy the tickets, and had to wait an hour in Mountain View (thank god for Red Rock coffeehouse). It just bothers me that these agencies see no desire to improve things; they're just happy to sit by and wait till retirement comes along, without lifting a finger.

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Do you know what "Sannyasin" and "Sanyasa" mean in Sanskrit? Someone who has renounced worldly possessions.

So while this guy was telling his followers to choose a path of simplicity and austerity, he was riding around in Rolls, wearing expensive wristwatches and designer fur coats. This is the definition of a con man.

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I'm originally from India. It is filled with such con men. The only difference here was, Rajneesh spent some time reading Western philosophy so he could talk the talk that the Westerners were used to.

In the end, he was just that: a con man.

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For people who think he's evil, he must have been pretty damn smart just to fool that many people :-)

It's been done many, many times. See Jim Jones, for instance.

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Do you know that the word "Sannyasin" (सन्यासिन) is the feminine form of the word "Sanyasi" (one who has renounced the world)? I cringed every time the males in WWC referred to themselves as "Sannyasin".

What did you make of Rajneesh calling Sheela "a bitch"?