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What SSRIs do you reccomend for people who have libido issues on them? Lexapro killed the drive, Prozac makes it rough. Non ssris buspirone and welbutrin both gave me horrible reactions.

Need some to being up to my dr to try. Ive tried viibryd as well, didnt do anything but make me sick. Not even help my depression in the slightest. And I guess my doc is "running out of options" since viibyrd, prozac, lexapro, buspar, and wellbutrin are all nogos.

Currently on prozac 20mg, doc and me agree It works the best out of what we tried and is the best for libido besides viibyrd but not cutting it. An increase in dose would neuter me. For GAD and Severe Panic Disorder, according to my doc.

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Appreciate the response I have an apt soon and going to talk about it some more. She's pretty cool and was more worried about libido than I was at first. I mentioned it when first starting SSRIs/anti depressants, and when i told her I have a girlfriend.. guess she really cares lol.. its awkward to talk about for me and she is very outgoing about it.