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He threatened you with a golf club. Didn't he?! :/

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OMG. At least everyone was ok.

If insurance doesn't pay up, it's time to hire a lawyer specializing in insurance issues.

If you ever need someone to talk to, just let me know.

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Seriously, lawyer up.

One of the reasons you buy insurance is basically to pay the insurance company to defend you in court.

It should go like this:

-Insurance company pays you, then insurance company tries to extract from your dad as much money as they can.

They're treating it like this:

-You're on your own, take the money from your dad.

Many small business owners buy liability coverage not just for the coverage, but for the legal benefits. You're not just paying for State Farm coverage, you're paying to have State Farm's attorneys on hire if some guy comes up and sues you for something frivolous.

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She was extremely professional! She did nothing wrong! It was awkward and embarrassing for ME, through no fault of hers! She didn't even know I was trans. She's asking me if I want to look at underwear that I'm anatomically incapable of wearing. She didn't know this, and I had to make up an awkward excuse as to why I didn't want to look at underwear that day! :D