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what is your opinion on the statement "you can get addicted to anything"?

is it even true?

also - what is an addiction most people have that they may look over?

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Thank you for your answer!

What is your advice for social media or internet addiction? Throwing away your computer or phone only works for so long before I can just walk to the store and buy another. Especially if it is part of your job to run like an instagram page or something similar. What would you tell someome who values too much self-worth on followers, views, and subscribers? Why is too much of this actually detrimental to our mental health & not the other way around?

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I would be very interested to hear how to break internet/social media addiction - especially if it is your job

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I mean if you drink that much on the weekends but on monday get your shit together and go to work...and don't drink the rest of the week? work hard, party hard. no harm no foul. 6-10 drinks is a lot, but unless you're 5 feet and 100 pounds or you get behind the wheel after a night of drinking then yeah you got a problem. if not?.... then imo you're completely fine. but i'm not a doctor