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Hey Daryl, I heard about you probably on this website years ago. I appreciate your work, and I use you as an example all the time how it's possible to reach these people with compassion.

Is it common for people who you have held get out of the KKK to "regress" or backslide into another racist organization? I ask because for a lot of these people giving up the KKK means giving up their social network.

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Will your book be available on audible? And if the answer is no will you let me read your book on audible I'll do it for $10 I swear to effin God.

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Are you from CLHS? I went there, and interned at NASA too, have some friends working full time there now. Also your proof made me LOL

isitmeyou-relooking41 karma

Hey OP, I love the rainbow lion, and in fact used it as my background for awhile. Does it upset you to have your art used like that?