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I totally agree. A burger without ketchup!

It would have been interesting too if they had a McDonalds patty... untouched.. to look at side by side. Probably would have helped the cause.

I was honestly so impressed when they took the cloche off the patty. It was so nicely colored. Most burger patties look so much worse than that.

Plus having a comparison would have been more scientifically sound.

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(Daan here) You are completely right! One of our main research focus is the replacement of serum in the growth medium. There is a nice paper on this that suggests using micro algae to produce the components that are necessary for cell to grow. This in combination with the emerging CRISP/Cas9 technique could be the end of FBS. Also, if you can create this medium you can create a company around it to provide it for all cell culture labs, creating revenue that can be used to develop cultured meat. This way you can make money on one of the problems (Pulz O., Gross W. (2004) Valuable products from biotechnology of microalgae. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Vol 65 (6), ss 635-648)

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I also would have liked to see the burger eaten in it's entirety.

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He likes projects on the cutting edge and shares concerns about sustainability. The video here: http://culturedbeef.net covers Sergey's interest in the project, in his own words.

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Pork vs. chicken vs. beef. The difference in meat cuts is due to how the muscle is used in the animal, and if the muscle is made of fast-twitch or slow-twitch muscle fibers. (Roughly meaning light or dark meat).

The different cuts would be pretty hard to emulate just cause there is so much more at play with respect to how that muscle forms in an animal. I wouldn't count on being able to differentiate different cuts any time soon.