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C9 Sneaky demonstrated some of the cutting-edge training gear last night on his stream, which, some say, the whole C9 crew has been using. Do you have any plans for such advanced equipment at your new facility?

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There are many who think they should be given the same rights and that the US should dissolve it's borders. These are also the types of people who think that crime doesn't exist, or don't realize that Mexico is riddled with drug cartels and corrupt government officials. Supposedly, opening up our borders will not make us subject to these same issues because everyone should just be nice.

Not saying this is OP's opinion, but it's one of the more extreme opinions I've seen on the matter so far.

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Given that the FCC can have (and repeatedly has had) huge effects on so many companies, do you think the high ranking positions in the FCC should be awarded through voting instead of appointment? Aside from a few appointed directly by the president, every other position in the country with such high-impact reach is appointed through an election.

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Do you know of any films that accurately portray a psychopath? Better yet, any films that accurately present the psychopath's point of view?

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If the universe has taken ~13.8 billion years to expand to its current size, will it take equally as long for it to contract? Do we even think it will contract back down?

I've also recently heard an explanation of the multiverse theory saying that the "parallel universes" we suspect are actually just regions of space that are moving away from us faster than the speed of light, thus we can never hope to observe them. What are your thoughts on this?