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The fuck did I just become an accessory to by watching this?

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Yep, the whole message is that this life will likely be a lot of suffering (I'm different ways) and the afterlife will be parties and drugs.... Er-I mean Holy Spirit.

But seriously, you're totally right.

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Yo I just wanna say you look really badass. You resemble Tony Stark.

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I tried skimming through the comments but couldn't find anything, i don't know if you've extremely avoided going outside and stuff. But with the constant pain, if you were to fall and sprain an wrist or something (God forbid), would it be more pain, the same pain, or 10x worse pain? (Or something's else I didn't think of)

Also I just thought of this one, how do you feel about people who treat your normally (that are aware of your pain) versus those who you treat like a strong and brave young woman for having something you've never chosen and likely hate? Because from my view it's not like empathy that they express it's almost like "encouraging pity" if that makes sense.

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Helium is also a quickly diminishing resource, i hope we can start helium mining on the sun soon.