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I'm a recent graduate and prospects for my generation seem really really slim. Jobs are fewer and increasingly centralized in London - which means the rents are absolutely criminal. If I were to even try to seek my dream career I'd have to move to the city, where in all honesty I can't see myself getting on the property ladder for many, many years. It's essentially a really bad time to be somebody my age in this country, and the Tory government has done nothing but make it worse.

But I'm wondering what Labour would do differently for people like me if they were in power? Could you explain?

Thank you for doing this AMA by the way. It's a real credit to see a politician that's talking directly with the public when there aren't any TV cameras to see them do it.

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A RTJ/Taylor Swift collab would probably cause a nuclear detonation somehow to be honest

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Hi Governor,

I was speaking to a friend of mine in the BPD the other day, and he commented that he's very annoyed at how people within the force are willing to manipulate the statistics to make themselves look good and advance their own interests. I won't put his name out there for the fear he'll face reprisals, but he said to me specifically that "the fucking numbers are destroying this department." How do you feel that this could be tackled?

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This might be a dumb question but can you really tell the difference between 36 camels??

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I'm currently studying for finals as a Politics/International Undergraduate, one of my modules is Environmental Politics so this AMA is a great procrastination method!

My question - Given they have the ability to make a world of difference, what can green political parties do to raise their profiles? I'm aware that some green parties in say, Germany have done extremely well - however, in the UK and other places they flounder. As for the USA, given it's always going to be a choice between Democrat and Republican, what can these parties do to boost their environmentalist platforms?