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If you do find signs of life will it be a top priority to inform the public?

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When I was in Milan (at 17yo) I was so poorly treated by my agency that I couldn't afford food. So I went out every night so I could eat and drink. Then do 20+ castings the next day on barely any sleep, no food, then go out and do it all over again the next night. Every. Single. Night. I don't know how I didn't die...

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I think the world could learn something from your MIL!

Sincerely, A loving atheist

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I used to model just like this girl. I worked in Tokyo and did very well there. I lived in my own apartment, got a high allowance every week from my agency because I had 1 or more jobs a day for high profile designers, and I walked away after 9 months with almost $100,000, and that was just my net. So obviously made much more than that but they take 40% in Tokyo. Now for contrast, when I was in Milan, I made no money, and was given 50 euro a week to "live on." half of it went to transportation. I survived by going out every night with promoters to the clubs so I could have dinner. It was the only time I ate. I worked mostly in Los Angeles, where I still live. I am "retired" as well. But I made enough money to pay my bills every month and survive. I never made extra. The industry has changed a lot and nowadays "anyone" can be a model (instagram lol). Some people are willing to do big time jobs for little money and in some cases even free for the "exposure". It's really watered down the industry and there's a huge push for "real women" in ads right now. Because I guess thin isn't real... lol. Most models make less than someone working at McDonald's...

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Cheeky bastard