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Hey Alex, as a gamer and hopeful future anesthesiologist, I just wanted to say I love what you're doing! Do you have any tips on how to better maintain physical and mental health during medical school and residency? PS: Can you get me an interview at KUSM anesthesia?

iron_knee_of_justice18 karma

Dude, wormhole space. Every day brings a new chain of connections to every corner of New Eden, as well as wormholes potentially full of cloaky things that want to kill you. PvP is almost always small gang as wormholes limit mass, and unless your corp really hates another, you won't do any structure grinding. The ISK flows freely, the ships are shiny, there is no local, and D-scan is your best friend. I've done trading, missioning, nullsec bloc life and W-space, and frankly, I don't think I could play the game any other way than I do now.

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I mean, you could do what apostolate does and hang out in the OkCupid subreddit!