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Blink once for yes two for no.

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Yes. We hired animators mainly based on portfolio and past projects. Degrees didn't mean a lot.

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Do you pull a lot of tail when you tell people you created narwhal? Easily the best iOS reader.

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Specifically ditch stuff that isn't her best work. Smaller and great is better than large and mediocre. Avoid using tutorial results. Make something new with what you have learned. Front load your best work. You have about 10 seconds to catch my interest. If it for animation specifically I would use simplistic models. We understand we are looking at the animation but if you use a crappy looking model it sometimes gets judged too. So great model or super basic one.

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Anything with close interaction of two characters is an order of magnitude more difficult than a single character interacting with th environment. Especially for motion capture one person laying down with another on top is a very tough situation to get good data.