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Can you back up your claims in the OP? Sounds like rhetoric.

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Can you explain why bay leaves have such an impact on flavors?

Unlike some spices, which can take a hearty amount before affecting the profile, the bay leaf usually is only used in singles, duos, or trios.

Most of my fun with cooking is exploring regional flavors and their common components. The bay leaf has really escaped me for the why.

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Could an aversion to what we eat be simply due to the domestication of humans as a species?

I think the insects as food topic causes problems in the west because you never change them from insects. Cows become beef, pigs pork, deer venison, ad nauseam. My fiance eats meat but cannot stand the initial butchering process. Only once an animal is mostly unrecognizable on the table does her disgust fade.

Bugs on a whole are often represented as poisonous and dangerous to the domesticated west. There are plenty I would never eat, simply from resembling an insect I know is poisonous (I have the same approach to mushrooms).

Is it possible that in Africa or Asia people are more educated on what can be consumed for survival? How does it affect the minds of those people who see one insect (mosquito) as a harbinger of death and another (meal worms) as dinner?

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Do you think people are more upset because the officer did not meet the requirements to be charged/convicted or that the requirements in many jurisdictions are different for law enforcement officers?

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His question stands.