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The airport currently accounts for 50% of the city's energy consumption. The plan is for it to be included with the goal of implementing solar panels and renewable energy credits.

Currently mass transit is a terrible issue here. This more of a legal and political battle than an energy one. We are hopeful for MARTA expansion to develop with the 2035 plan.

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In the proposal, clean electricity is the main priority- but we’re not stopping there. Currently, the RFF (renewable fuels facility) at the Dekalb Landfill converts methane from decomposing trash to create clean natural gas. This facility is powering modified city vehicles and thousands of homes in the area. While electricity is our priority, we believe fuel consumption can be minimized through our own waste. One man’s trash is another man’s fuel.

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That question depends on which scientist you ask. Atlanta currently does not plan on implementing nuclear energy to meet the 2035 goal.

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It's a joint response to decisions being made in from our ruling powers; however, each city is functioning independently.

I think you know the answer to the second question

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1) It's going to be extremely difficult, but this isn't impossible. The technology to make this happen is already here, but 2) the difficulty is in getting laws changed or the key companies on board. For instance, Georgia Power has a monopoly on the city's services. To get businesses to exist off clean energy, Georgia Power must either improve to make this provision readily available OR changes in legislation to allow private companies to step in.