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I've been watching you guys race since my first trip to the gator nationals when I was 12-13 (2003) years old, always have rooted for you guys. I've always rooted for you guys, you guys have come a long way since back then, I think you had an Avenger back in those days? Anyway good luck in 2014, someone needs to dethrone Frank Manzo!

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Your first Indy 500 win, what was going through your mind during that long caution. Also what was your first thought when you realized that Andretti was having mechanical failure and you were about to take the lead.

What do you think can further be done to improve the safety of Indycar racing. Where is the next step?

Do you have a track day car to go play around with on the weekends?

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Were you pretty confident you had Goodyear on speed, I know you had passed him shortly beforehand. Must have been special to have you and your dad in the top 3.