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(warning: this is only a reenactment)

Him: Want to get married?

Her: OK.

or maybe

Her: Want to get married?

Him: OK.

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Did you worry about the the legal aspect of starting a business (forming an LLC or whatever, finding a lawyer, etc.) before launching your apps? Or was that something you worried about after seeing success?

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Yonaka sushi. Let's do it!

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Finally made it, guys! I'm a one-percenter!

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Thanks for doing this AMA! You're one of my favorite personalities in poker, and your commentary on hands for WSOP was especially enjoyable.

My question is two-part and somewhat related:

1) What percentage of pro/semi-pro poker players do you think are actually making (decent) money on poker alone (i.e., not through endorsements or other sources)? It seems like poker is at best a zero-sum game but with rakes and fees, it's not even that.

2) Dan Colman got a lot of negative attention for his criticism of the game. What are your thoughts for mere mortals? Is poker better thought of as a hobby, or is it realistic to make a decent living off it?