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Hi Kumi, last year you came to Russian Arctic to stop Gazprom plans to drilling Arctic, but they continue work in Barents sea. Would Greenpeace make something to stop them forever and throw away their monster "Prirazlomnaya" from our beatiful seas?

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Do you hear about pomors? We are indigenous people of Arkhangelsk region, our ancestors discovered Svalbard. But now Russian goverment don`t want to recognize our rights, maybe Greenpeace can help us in our struggle like a lot of us help you in SaveTheArctic campaign

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Thanks Kumi, I`ll be with GP in your SaveTheArctic Campaign, and do my best to help you got some more people to take 5 bln. sign this year

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Kumi, now we have only 3,5 bln. sign for SaveTheArctic petition, does it enough? Do you belive we take 5 bln. before 2014?