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Who will be buying your votes if elected?

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And Russia has found it much easier to mess with our minds

So would it not be in the best interest to spread more accurate information about candidates through more debates? Like more than a few networks, with time constraints, and no adds between segments? Assuming that the words the candidates use are more truthful than attack adds from their opponents, or companies that fund attack adds.

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People really are idiots. I went to a high end co-op thinking they couldn't possibly sell out of eggs at $4 a dozen compared to $.88 at aldi. People spaced out in the store, most waited patiently for others to pass safely. Most were hugging the sides of the aisle to stay 6' away. In the 5 minutes I was in there 2 people zoomed up the middle past everyone, like those BMW drivers who slam on their breaks and sneak in at the end of a line for an exit. Sure enough I was waiting on the floor tape, and douche canoe just strolls up past me and the 2 people behind me. Then gets an attitude when I told him to go wait in line.

Long story short. I got my $4 eggs, but hope aldi gets eggs soon. I can't budget 4x the money for eggs.

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Thanks for doing this ama. I lived for this show as a kid. 2 quick questions.

1.What have you been doing since the show?

  1. Can you sign hi to Siren for me?

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Most places have tape on the floor to distance you from the cashier, and each other. Some only let 2 people inside at a time, others more. I was buying sheetrock today, and it was a good barrier between me and people that don't seem to care. I might just start doing my shopping carrying a piece of sheetrock.