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No one ever pays me in gum.

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Interesting. I was out with a Maasai friend in Arusha and we had lunch. I ordered chicken and he said he'd have whatever I was having, but he hadn't been paying attention. He said he'd never had chicken before.

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What do you do to get the prostheses to attach? My wife had trouble getting a bald cap and some sort of modeling wax to stick for a Darth Vader Halloween costume. Any tips?

For the graduating project could you pick anything? How did you come up with the creepy wooden doll idea? Did you have a time limit?

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Yeah, it's the strays showing up that's my problem. I'm 0 for 4 with outside cats. I feed them of course. I think I can just get them fixed and they can live in the barn. Then they discover the dog door and suddenly they're inside cats.

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I like your cat drawing. I guess I need to ask a question, so... What do you miss about Russia? What don't you miss? Here's one of my cats in case you live cats. https://imgur.com/jjD7PjK.jpg