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invisiblenorms2 karma

In your experience, does the little stuff help? I’m poor and I never have much extra to share but I try to have a dollar to give away all the time if someone asks, and in the winter I keep (new!) socks in my car to give out in case I see someone asking for help. I always feel a little bad though, like the person might think ‘really, if that’s all you can do, why bother?’ Is it nice to just get a tiny amount of help? Or is it kind of an insult that they aren’t doing more?

invisiblenorms2 karma

Thanks, that helps my confidence :) I’m glad you’re doing well and have been able to turn your hardships into a beautiful outlook.

invisiblenorms1 karma

How do you source your fixers? Are you interested in replicating this service in other cities, or supporting people who want to take that project on?