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How do you pay for this?

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I was actually amazed by how inexpensive this was. I mean 15 months and 35 countries! I was in Vienna and Prague for a little over a week last month and the two us spent probably $6-7k just in that one week alone with travel and everything all together. So 15 months, I would say $90k is a pretty amazing bargain.

You have to remember that the readership of reddit tends to be pretty young (and thus not very affluent). If these two people are working and let's say they are in the top 25% of income bracket (which is not really that high), this means 1 years worth of salary for the two of them. That's not so outrageous.

Source (presuming they are making $45k each per year, at the 75% percentile): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_income_in_the_United_States

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Does that mean all expenses are covered or is it a sponsorship where they pay a lump sum and the rest is up to OP?

It would be great to see a financial breakdown of how much he has spent in each country, etc.

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Few questions:

1) So why Palau? Your a lawyer which means you can pretty much move anywhere and make a living wage. Why a 3rd 2nd world country? It has got to be more than "I didn't like my job in Texas."

2) Do you miss your family and friends?

3) How long do you plan to stay?

4) Do you have a significant other? If so, what does he/she think of living in Paula? If not, do you see a lot of "dating material" there?

Thanks for doing the AMA.

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Well, 35 countries in 15 months means a new country every 2 wks. So there probably is some flexibility, but it's not like you wait months for that specific cheap flight from X to Y. My point was that 15 months of food, housing, travel, museums, etc.... for 2 people at $90k total is pretty reasonable.