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Dude, that's what I do. Like, literally I record in my living room because that's all I can afford. My daughter loves to play with the mics.

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How much would moving my account to another bank hurt Wells Fargo? Not much I am sure, but if enough people do it maybe someone will get the message?

Any other banks that are on the up and up?


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Hopefully you don't have PTSD or any lingering mental problems. That's what I worry about. Seeing hurt people and lives altered and ruined repeatedly may have negative repercussions.

Does it get to you? Do you have nightmares? PTSD?

Thanks for the taking to the time to do this.

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Wow. Deep thoughts.

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Because it's a massive pain in the ass to change my direct deposit, 401k contribution, all the bill-pay stuff, paypal, Amazon, etc.... But I still think it would be worth it.