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Hey guys. Did you watch the Ken Ham, Bill Nye creationism versus science debate? If so, what points on either side of the argument do you find important that kids growing up today to fully understand? I thought it was great that Mr. Nye was very passionate about telling kids to challenge what is forced on them regardless of the topic. In this case, creationist views and how the world was formed. Thanks!

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Hi Rob, 1)What did your career path look like to be at the position you are now? For those who don't know, maybe you can give a little background on your expertise in SSD's. 2)What was your biggest turning point at Intel that put you in a big leadership position? Thanks for the AMA!

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CYA - Cover Your Ass. You did it quite well in the description.

A few questions: What in our brain determines its internal clock speed? (i.e. how fast we process "stuff" in our brains). There is a radiolab episode on people who have insanely slow processing speed vs. people who have insanely high processing speed. What ever it is that controls how fast we "tick", is it possible to increase this internal clock of ours?

2) Have you ever worked with a savant? It seems to normal functioning people that they have an infinite storage for memory, but maybe lack communication skills (Example: Daniel Tammet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbASOcqc1Ss). Do you foresee down the road people being able to voluntarily expand their mental capabilities to perform huge calculations, phenomenal memory, etc..

Thanks for the AMA!

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I was in the right place at the right time and worked hard.

I can understand that. I met an Intel GM on a flight and that's essentially how I got my job at Intel.

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After watching the video, a more important question comes to mind. How is your hair so perfect? Whats your secret?