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Sona! I just wanted to say that I love it when you make appearances on the show. You're hilarious and it seems like you and Conan have the best comedic chemistry.

My question is unrelated to the show, but when will you be on RJ and Bley's podcast again?

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If you're allowed to say, what are some of the best airlines to fly within the United States? Honestly I've never flown Delta, but what I've heard about their service is not great.

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You're spelling Neal wrong. He'll probably hit you for that too.

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Hey Bley! I was a huge fan of all the behind the scenes stuff you did for Late Night and the Tonight Show and I find myself missing the daily blog you kept detailing what was happening around the office that day. Would you ever consider bringing that back or are you busy enough with all the other awesome stuff you guys do now?

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That would be awesome!