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There are a surprising amount of people who do air their dirty laundry on facebook

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Displayport supports 3840 × 2160, has no licensing fee, Dual mode displayport can output a HDMI signal but HDMI cannot output a displayport signal, it has twice the signal bandwidth as HDMI, it's also pretty standard for higher end monitors and higher end graphics cards and monitors.

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At least personally the way I make my password unique is by having a long password. The wonder of passphrases instead of passwords. If you guys would consider bumping up the character limit to 32 or 64 characters it would be greatly appreciated as then passphrases are much better supported.

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The guests also almost never actually interact with the kitchen staff. If the guests are mad at the kitchen it doesn't really matter. In a shared tips scenario the kitchen even gets paid more if the blame results in a higher tip.

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Ahh okay thanks, I was thinking it was more like a sister the Dakar rally, it appears to be a very different event though.