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LAX and SFO are running out of runway space. Building the high-speed rail is cheaper than buying up enough land in LA & SF for more runways.

Eventually we'll probably see airports used mostly for international and long-distance travel, with in-state travel shifting more toward rail.

Unless you can find a way to buy up the whole neighborhood of Playa del Rey for a new runway?

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Thank you for this context! I think I knew & forgot about that. Much appreciated. I'm not sure I believe in the merits of spending 10% on things that aren't HSR, but I guess we're 13 years past that debate...

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Is there any way to speed this up, or is it going to be "in progress" forever? I know politicians care about CAHSR only as a way to keep construction workers employed until retirement, but some of us want to ride the thing before we die. At least finish Phase 1 and let the Sacramento extension languish.

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It's not different, but Meg can't do anything. The politicians are in charge way more than CAHSR staff.

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Huh? Do you mean moving from single-track to double-track?