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I wouldn't say you're particularly trying radical honesty. To quote your website, your product is:

Better than meat

Not ultra-processed junk

It may have escaped your notice, but bacon is not ultra-processed. It's just cured, sliced pork belly.

On the contrary, turning Koji and coconut oil into something that resembles bacon requires some pretty fucking heavy processing.

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Is this in any way real? Like, your citation is a 4chan link. Googling the name gives the_donald. These are not exactly the most reliable sources.

Can you give a real source? One that actually pays journalists and that we've both heard of before today?

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I eat our products most days out of the week, usually at lunch.

What do you think the health implications of this are? Pretty much no modern nutritionist would say eating real bacon most days is a good idea.

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are they mostly a gag gift?


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I would venture to say it’s pretty hard to replicate bacon in every way but the bad way.

Looking at the nutrition box on their site, it actually looks pretty good - less fat and salt per unit mass than real bacon, and obviously lacking the curing agents (nitrates/nitrites) that have been linked to cancer in real bacon. The salt is particularly surprising - meat substitutes are often significantly more salty than the foods they try to replace because that makes them taste good. Of course, bacon is already very salty, making it much easier to beat than a beef burger in that regard.