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are they mostly a gag gift?


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When someone starts a sentence with "when I was volunteering in..." you know you are going to hear a lot of sentences from that person that start that way.

I assume he means don't overdo it and become a bore, which is excellent advice.

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I think your "pennies on the dollar" statement is misleading. I assume you mean the difference between insurance reimbursement and sticker price, but it's weird to me that you consider one of these to be the "real" price.

The insurer can use their collective power to reduce price below sticker price, but there are limits to this.

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TV -- Constraints on the mass of the neutrino might be possible. Previous neutrino measurements have indicated that they do have mass, but as yet, we still don’t know what their masses are. With the difference in time of arrival of the neutrino and the photons, you can infer the speed of the neutrino. With the energy measurements, you could then infer a mass. The masses of neutrinos have implications for early universe cosmology.

How do you do a ToF measurement with a blazar? Even if you had hundreds of neutrinos, it seems like the width of the blazar 'spill' would be far too wide to get any kind of resolution, and this problem only gets bigger with ultra-high energy neutrinos.