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intelligentjake6 karma

I hope HopefulCases gets more donations and there would be no more homeless people.

intelligentjake5 karma

I only got to know you because of your stream. I guess you now reach a wider audience because of the pandemic. Did the pandemic changed the amount of donations HopefulCases get?

BTW, love your work! You guys are legends.

intelligentjake3 karma

  1. What was your inspiration for the Sims 4 theme?
  2. How do you describe the soundtrack of Chrono Trigger?
  3. Which is your favorite music genre?

BTW, I really admire your works. Thank you!

intelligentjake2 karma

How many registered users does it have? I know quality > quantity, but does it have many of these curated articles?

Anyway, I like your Shelves idea.

intelligentjake1 karma

What made you start Synthetaic? How much do you think this will benefit the evolution of AI.

Love your work.