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Lots of people are claiming that what happened yesterday was a PR stunt and have posted lots of evidence, myself included. This is a short list, definitely not everything, but some major points.

1) You are signed to a subsidiary of a major label.

2) You deleted a comment complaining about revenue.

3) A /r/listentothis post became the top post of all time (far above numbers the sub has ever seen) and continued to get upvoted after mods removed the post.

4) Your account is 5 days old. Why?

5) You have managers, lawyers and major label representatives on your side, yet you're here on Reddit asking for help.

/r/HailCorporate has some discussion going on. And here you are with a nice IAMA to wrap it all up...

So what is your reaction to this?

EDIT: Also, I should ask why are several of the comments in this IAMA from zero day or barely active accounts?

EDIT2: Just so everyone knows, I am being downvoted and attacked by what are most likely alt-accounts. Here is him commenting thanking a user for support, most like on accident:


Here is another saying the track is awesome, same user:


Then again, telling me my story is BS:


How many accounts do you guys have and how many have you used to downvote me? It should also be noted the zero day accounts are being VERY active in defense of the band. This thing needs to be shut down, where are the mods??

EDIT3: In response to the latest comment by the band, buried in the sea of comments:

The biggest problem with your AMA and your other posts was actually the amount of vote manipulation. It seems that you still don't really understand Reddit fully.

Also, when you say that Reddit wanted you to do an AMA, do you mean users on Reddit or someone who works for Reddit? Just asking because I got a message from one of your "friends" saying that he is the one who told you to do an AMA. (http://i.imgur.com/afUCo2U.png)

Second question, it seems unlikely that you didn't ask anyone to come here and defend you. Even hours after you stopped the AMA, people related to your band were still pouring in posting comments in defense and, no doubt, downvoting everyone else.

Reddit is a great promotional tool, but I think maybe you have a weird idea of how it works.

No one will ever be able to prove that the Facebook video thing is a stunt, but what we can prove is that you came to Reddit with that situation and clearly tried to manipulate the system for promotional reasons. And that is where you lose people. Because had my initial question for you just been answered by you, and not downvoted and attacked by multiple alt-accounts for hours on end, you probably wouldn't be in this situation.

My suggestion to you would be get your friends, family, and own band members out of your PR. Padding your shit like this is only hurting you. And this time you got caught, and the results were catastrophic.

Also, at this point, honesty can only help you.

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Apparently Tyler thought it was funny she was dating an asian guy and was posting Instagrams of them with comments, "HAHAHAHA" and then she responded, "is that supposed to make me feel something?" and he said, "NOT AT ALL, MADE ME LAUGH." Since then, wonderful Odd Future fans have been sending tons of racist comments directed at Lorde and her boyfriend.

Just typical Tyler bullshit that people continue to put up with.

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Just look at the names of the all of the new accounts. It's clear they are making them as this thing goes on and using them to downvote and defend themselves. This is something I'm pretty sure the mods can see so I hope they come in here soon.

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People are acting like he had no idea what kind of shit storm he would create by doing that, as if he hasn't created similar shit storms in the past. Either he's a complete idiot, or an asshole.

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Thank you.