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This is how I am coping right now. I don't know if this kind of escapism is good, as I've been neglecting the rest of my life trying to fix the green house in the first year, but I forgot to plant a fruit tree.

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How is that dealt with, or is it kind of a hush-hush, leave other people alone kind of thing?

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That's unfortunate. My friend's teenage daughter is going through an eating disorder and its kind of on the hush hush too. I see her like a little sister so it's fucking with me being so helpless to her situation.

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I’m guessing she’s aware of where they come from? Otherwise you’d seem like a serial killer..

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It's interesting because I'm on the other side of the spectrum. My dad wasn't really in the picture and my mom worked all the time. I've trouble finding direction growing up and continue to in some regards. 或許人生就是如此。