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Do you think that this report will actually have any consequences? By that, I mean, do you think that police officers who should have be punished but weren't will now get at least a slap on the wrist, if nothing else, and may result in future offenders actually getting punished?

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It's very interesting to hear about this when just earlier in the week the BPD were being praised for their handling of the various protests that have/are occurring. I've also listened to the PBD chief talk on NPR about the handling of protests and some of the issues with the police force, and I wonder if this will be discussed next time he's on NPR with Jim and Margery.

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I just looked online, you can do the same thing- it says that you can mail an absantee ballot to CA up to the election day itself- however, you're probably screwed in that you'd have to have them mail you a ballot, fill it in and mail it back in the two days remaining... If you can download/print/mail said ballot with one day shipping, that could work.

on another note, WTF were you thinking waiting for two days before the election? The top of the ticket vote in CA won't make a difference, but i'm sure there are plenty of local and state wide things that your vote would really matter for.

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FYI, it's actually on the ballot as an initiative in Maine and according to polls, is winning. That being said, I don't see it being widely adopted by other states or the nation as a whole- at least not for a long time if ever.