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The truth? Don't hate me but I'm way more a "Star Wars" guy. Remember, I was not on the TNG staff.

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I originally DID NOT focus on Picard; it was him and Riker and Ro Laren together in the nucleonic mind-loop. It became all about Picard precisely because it was such a personal story with potential to reveal so much about his road not taken.

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Disappointed. What made the ORIGINAL 3 Star Wars (I hate the new numbering system. The 1976 "Star Wars" will forever be the "first" episode.) great was -- at least when they started -- they were done by a scrappy, hungry young director. I thought someone like Rian Johnson ("Looper") would have been a good choice. But J.J. is tried and true, and SW is no longer a new movie series, it's a commodity.

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I had a very odd career trajectory. I went from the LA times covering the TV industry to getting hired by NBC as a program executive, then I got hired by Stephen J. Cannell and wrote episodes of Wiseguy, Hunter, 21 Jumpstreet - you get the idea.

Regarding my career goals - I really enjoy being a showrunner and I'd like to that again with something I have created. Second choice - to be a showrunner of something I haven't created.

To get started - see post about writers' assistant.