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  • What's the last thing you licked?
  • How many times a day do you think of Jane Fonda in her vintage exercise gear?
  • Do you think the Thief franchise can be redeemed or is it a dead game series?
  • Which was a better era, the 80’s or the 90’s?

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This is now my cat's name when he pisses me off.

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...okay first, I would like to know more about this ice cream.

Secondly, we’ve talked about the ruination of Thief. The 2014 game made me forget how brilliant the previous installments are.


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If this person's small hospital is like the one in my small town they are relegated to the dregs of doctors.

When my mom worked as an RN in the ER she worked side by side with a doctor she really felt creepy about. One night detectives came in and arrested him for the rape of his patients at another hospital.

Another doc had to get rides from his kid because he'd permanently lost his license due to various driving violations.

Another was arrested for theft of narcotics and trading said drugs with patients for sexual favors.

Few doctors worth their salt want to move to Coshocton, Ohio where I'm from. We aren't a hospital of note. It isn't cutting edge. When combined with the questionable financial and policy related decisions of the heads of the hospital you get what you can take.

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We really did.