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That had some of the best moments I've seen in developmental commentary to date. The guys figuring out immediately how the physics engine they designed allowed for flight and just hahah...

just the stunned looks on their faces.

link for the lazy

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Why are there reports of doctor's getting infected? The head of DWB spoke about the need for the strictest observance of quarantine procedures with this particular outbreak, citing the fact that there had been very few (if any) transmission cases to DWB doctors.

Are other organizations just not being as strict about following procedure? Is it a matter of the few cases of other health official infections being over-reported? or is it just difficult to emulate DWB's strict procedures given the chaotic nature of the situation on ground?

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I've got two...for you truly are a legend.

What do you think about Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers?

And thoughts on the "Pain 100%" Habanero sauce? It's been setting my asshole afire but i'm falling in love.

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Nightcrawler was truly exceptional in that regard.