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I really like this short documentary on living as a kumari and the struggles they go through to adjust back to normal life after living as a goddess their entire life.

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First of all, great job on all of your work handling the victims of the bomb blasts in Boston.

As someone who's supposedly "used" to the high stress level of an emergency room, would you say that you treated this event in the same mental state? Or do you have that panic in the back of your mind, but kept it under wraps? Please elaborate on your thought processes as you dealt with the swarm of patients that were entering the emergency room.

Thank you!!!

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Thank you for clarifying and sharing your experience!

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How would families generally find out about your nonprofit? Do you partner with hospitals in your state, around the nation? Word of mouth?

I agree that what you’re working on is truly unique and something that I haven’t heard of another organization working on. I feel like there should be plenty of partnership opportunities and I’m surprised that there wasn’t a lot of uptake on this. Do you have any suspicion as to why?

How are you financially supporting the family now if you’re not making $$ from this? Do you both work full time and run this as well?

Thanks for sharing with us so much about this disorder and what it takes to run a small nonprofit! You’re both are such an inspiration!

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Now 7 hours and still no proof. I'm getting suspicious.