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As someone that went to Disney and marched in the day Magic Kingdom parade in the summer in wool band uniforms designed for Chicago winters, I don't know how you could ever get used to it.

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Yeah, I was at a wedding once with ~150 guests where the cake got destroyed. So it was quick to the grocery store to get large, white-frosted sheet cakes for the reception instead. Shit happens.

Also entirely possible that the burgers were for late night food to put out while people were drinking and dancing rather than for dinner.

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I completely agree with you. I feel like a lot of times movie adaptions either try too hard to be the books or try too hard to establish their own identity, and in doing so, they don't quite manage to capture the same magic for the viewer that the book had for the reader.

But TFIOS so perfectly felt the way that reading the book felt that it didn't matter that some things were changed. The way they happened felt perfectly natural.

I have never had that kind of experience with a film adaptation of a book I've read multiple times before. The team that handled TFIOS did an exceptional job, and I can't wait for Paper Towns!

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Anything in particular you could share that was bonkers and was then cut, the way that you told us that a cut ending for TFIOS involved Hazel and Van Houten getting gunned down by a drug cartel?

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This is amazing. Thanks for sharing! The book was absolutely wonderful, by the way. I think it might be my favorite of your books.

And I feel fairly confident in saying that it did not need a Chuck E. Cheese shootout, so probably the right call on cutting that one. :)