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I'm in a 3 piece patch MC. You can still be in the Brotherhood without being in a violent club. We all have normal jobs and families and we have our extended biker family. I understand how you would miss it because I know I would.

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Tuitions in this country have increased over 2000% over the rate of inflation. Get tuitions back down to reasonable levels and everyone could AFFORD to go to college. If these foreign students were helping so much why is student loan debt (the next big financial bubble) highest ever?

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OK...you've read a lot of books. But have you been able to use the information in a practical manner like Gary Johnson? I'm sure you're a smart guy but in a POTUS, I'd like to see some experience. You sound like you would be a great campaign manager.

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I"m in an MC. 1 part truth and 4 parts TV. If that.

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I have a question: What is an undocumented alien? If we have immigration laws in place, passed by Congress, why is there a question between legal and illegal? If a person comes to this country legally, they are legal. If a person sneaks into this country illegally, they are illegal. It's very simple. As with any other law of this country, if you break it, you are a criminal. We have penalties for breaking these laws, not rewards. If you sneak into my house, you are a burglar, not an undocumented house guest. What other first world country allows people of other sovereign nations to willfully violate their laws and then reward them for this behavior?

I am the child of two legal immigrants. My father is from Spain and my mother is from Germany. They both entered the United States legally. I am all for legal immigration but this open border mentality is taking a toll on the finances of border states in the form of higher crime, burdens on public health and education, and welfare resources that should go to citizens and veterans first.