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So basically when we closed down all the horrible run mental institutions, those that needed help are now stuck in prison or homeless. Do you think we need to have mental institutions...one's that are run by organizations instead of the state?

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MY daughter and I were very close and then she started fighting with me about everything. And hiding things from me. She starting wearing long pants and sweatshirts. I didn't realize anything was wrong because when we would sit to eat...she ate and ate. Then one day she passed out and now we are 6 months into her diagnosis of anorexia and bulima. she has been hospitalized twice, 2 partial hospitalation stays...and weekly counseling visits.

Here is the thing, my daughter is absolutely gorgeous. She gets stopped everywhere she goes...people telling me how beautiful she is . She turned 18 during this time, and is independent. But she won't talk to me and she says simple things like me asking her what she wants to eat...sends her into a screaming rage at me. She hates me now...but I still love her.

What can I do as a mom to help her? What should I say or not say? I am scared for her...please help. She is 5 6 and currently 100 pounds. Oh and she did say that whenever anyone comments on how pretty she is it makes her feel worse...why?

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How as parents, can we help our adult kids get the help they need after a trauma? Especially if our child doesn't think they need help. But their depression and anxiety is written all over their face. And how can we support them if they just want to drink it away instead of talking about it?

Also, what is your take on this new trend of "No contact" after an argument? I don't understand this, aren't we to keep the lines of communication open after an argument?