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Are you kidding me? Sasha Grey always looked so soulless with dead eyes. You guys are full of shit with the "girl must be enjoying it for me to get hard" horseshit. The whole thing is from a guy's perspective and for his pleasure. If you actually want to see the girl enjoying it, you wouldn't watch most porn.

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Have you ever tried psychedelics? I'm not recommending that you do, I'm just curious.

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You sound like an apologist. You said yourself they altered whatever you found to start a war. A war that destroyed a country, led to the rise of some of the worst organisations and killed hundreds of thousands of people not counting the ones that live but had their lives destroyed.

Were your people not responsible for that?

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Enjoy the adventure

I definitely will. I think this is the right mindset.

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May I ask how did you know this? As in what is your profession or field of interest?