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Holy shit, you're an artist...

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This is so true! Anecdotally, there's this square in Lisbon that had nothing but food trucks all in this little plaza. It was awesome--me and my spouse would go there every day and it worked out beautifully given our different tastes. Had there not been many different trucks from which to choose, we probably wouldn't have gone to any.

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The fact that this may have happened to more than one person is troubling.

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Ooh, I have a question.

What does the recent ruling on the 5th amendment "right to remain silent" mean for the average Joe?

EDIT to also ask: Does the ruling have any impact in what a person should say or do if confronted by a law enforcement official (which to me is normally keeping my mouth shut and asking for a lawyer if necessary)?

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A lot of this was simply him not being incompetent. The previous government was extremely corrupt and weak.

Exacting high war reparations from Germany post-WWI also did a lot to contribute to Germany's crippled post-war economy. Given the conditions, it was pretty easy to foster a nationalistic, "make Germany strong" attitude promoted by Hitler.

Thankfully the US and Europe learned their lesson after WWII when it invested heavily in rebuilding Europe instead of expecting the losers of the war to foot the entire bill.