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That is such a ridiculously good answer.

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Thats amazing! You dont hear many pancreatic survivor stories! I had a Whipple to remove a pre-cancerious cyst on my pancreas in May of 2018. Hope you continue to recover and stay cancer free!

How are you coping with the diet after the pancratectomy? The modified diet I had to get used to was tough, cant imagine what a total would be like. Though they do say it is different for everyone.

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I was getting pancreatitis pretty bad when I consumed alcohol. It started mild and progressed to the point where I would be in a crazy amount of pain after drinking any alcohol. Misdiagnosed for years as heartburn. I eventually got series of MRI and CT scans followed by an endoscopic CT that confirmed it was pre-cancerous. We made the decision to operate because of how lethal pancreatic cancer typically is. Its normally a death sentence even in stage 1.