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SimCity 5?

Helllll noooo, that DRM is like... Un-American

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Ohh boy, Yes. Or at least I thought I was.

I get really nervous when a car I am in gets stopped by the police. I dread them asking my ID although I am not driving.

One time, this very thing happened. The cop took both mine and my ex-girlfriend's ids. I gave him my Passport. He hold on to it and sat in the car for what seemed like 15 minutes. We were devastated. She was about to cry, and I told her not to, as it will make the cop more suspicious. Those were some real long minutes to wait in silence, almost like a scene from a movie. She said that if something happens she will come after me and we can start our life again in my native country. It was very emotional.

We thought we are going to see a bunch of more patrol cars/ins but nothing happened. He gave us our documents and told us to drive safe and that was it.

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Yeah buddy, let me just send you my passport and the best times to reach me at work...

Haha, I can say, its one of the southern states. Anyone from old Dixie here, y'all?

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Once your visa is expired, your legal options are reduced to nill.

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Its pretty hard to explain why you can't drive your own car.