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imightbethewalrus39 karma

Hey Mikel!

Long time fan. All At Once is in my top 3 albums of all time. Loved, loved, LOVED Hollywood Park (both the book and record). As a songwriter, there is perhaps nobody that I steal more from inspires me more than you đŸ˜…

Question: There's a slight lyric change from the album when performing "All At Once" live.

"I guess it’ll be okay" -> "I hope it’ll be okay".

It’s the smallest tweak but it changes the moral of the entire song (in my mind, at least). While it comes from a place of resignation, "I guess" provides a level of certainty. And while hope is a beautiful thing, it's rooted in uncertainty.

I was hoping you could unpack the choice there (if it is a conscious choice at all!), why it's more important or pertinent or whatever to sing "I hope it'll be okay."

Thanks so much for all the incredible music and writing!

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