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imeanlikeyouknow2 karma

I agree that information is being manipulated to further their own agenda. It's sad.

I'm glad people like you are giving us a chance to speak our minds, if more people like you do what you're doing maybe we can get to the point where the media and politicians cannot ignore what's ACTUALLY going on.

Thank you for posting this, and for caring about us and our health!

imeanlikeyouknow2 karma

Hi! Thank you for giving us a chance to be heard! I quit cigarettes and have been using vaping as a nictoine replacement and a tool to completely taper off of nictoine, I was at 12mg and now I am at 3mg, it works! And I have not been miserable during the process, vaping is definitely the best way to quit.

Forgive me for the huge amount of text below, I'll understand if you choose to skip to a shorter question/response haha.

QUESTION: I want to ask you why the news sources and politicians haven't really seemed to separate the issue with illicit THC products from normal and safe nictoine vaping products. It seems that almost every article I read leaves out so many details about the whole problem and suspiciously chooses to publish only what supports this whole fearmongering craze. I feel like there is information that isn't being shared

And I understand that youth vaping is a problem, but a ban won't help anything, kids have always found ways to get their hands on cigarettes, vapes, alcohol, marijuana, and any other drug or substance they want. There may be a solution to youth vaping, but bans will not solve anything, it will drive more kids to buy products from untrustworthy, shady sources/people/etc., which will create a much bigger problem. I'm baffled that so many politicians and reporters/writers (so I've seen on the internet) don't mention anything about the future problems these bans will cause. And some seem to all be on page 1, claiming "vaping kills" and sharing no information at all.

And also, I'm interested in in what you think we should do to possibly help reverse the damage done to the image of vaping, and reverse the negative stigma that has been surrounding it, so that we can keep it around for us quitters. We've all signed petitions and called the white house, I feel like there must be something else we can do to show people the real problem, educate people about these unregulated and unsafe THC cartrages being sold, and show that normal nictoine vaping products from reputable companies being used by adults who are trying to quit cigarettes is a positive thing. What can we do to help?