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If one of the main cast of eight character dies, its game over. You'll also be commanding other units that are non-central to the story. These aren't persistent characters; instead, they're positioned through the narrative in ways that lead to interesting tactical scenarios.

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Thanks, you're right that I'm currently the only developer! I'm hoping that if the campaign continues to do well, I'll be able to bring on some help with this. As far as keeping things stable, I try to keep things as modular as possible and test extensively as I go. The core components have been in dev for a pretty long time, so I've had time to do lots of testing. That said I plan to do extended alpha/beta periods to iron out the kinks.

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Thanks- that's exactly what I was going for :) The concept art I did myself, but I'm hoping to find an artist that can match the style/tone and really take it to the next level so I can focus on other areas.

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Hi, thanks! I've been lucky enough to come into contact with some really awesome sound guys after going public with the project. It's too early to share details, but I'm hoping to make an announcement with their names before the campaign ends. Expect an update soon :)

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Yes, absolutely- I'm hoping to get the greenlight from Sony soon!