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Dude this is an AMA. Do you know why people do these AMA's? Get a grip.

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What are your thoughts over the past year on the public discourse on the 1619 Project? Did you see it as a healthy debate where America "reckoned" with its past on racism or did you think there is something wanting in the discussion/criticism of the project? Do you believe that people like Bret Stephans and John McWhorter have a point in their criticisms over how the project was framed or are they missing the point? Also, what has the reaction to the project taught you about how America should deal with our history of racism and how we should reform our pedagogy to reflect a more accurate/honest history?

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Do you believe that the Community Eligibility Provision program can be universalized for all schools? Do you think that the formula for qualification (poverty rate, etc) is needlessly prohibitive? Also, do you think there are areas in nutrition where the USDA needs to update its requirements ? (Breakfast/lunch requirements for reimbursable meals, religiously based diet restrictions, etc).

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Perhaps you should chill out and ask Kevin a genuine question or move on with your life. You seem pretty worked up about the work he does. So sad.

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Ok, boomer