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Why did you not Karma-whore this one...

IamA Transgender individual..

IamA Airline Pilot...

Iam A ancient windmill operator...

lol. Sorry, just had to break the ice. Tell me about realizing (I know this might be the wrong wording... I apologize if it is) that you were Transgender. When did you realize that you didn't fit as you were? Has your family been supportive of that? Your friends? Are you in a relationship? If so, how has your partner reacted to the situation? Are you happier now than you were before?

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What is the oldest document you have studied and how old was it?

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First, I am sorry for your losses. I could only imagine how rough it would have been. I thank you for your courage and willingness to do this AMA.

My fiancée and I found out this past fall that we are expecting in May. 2 years back we had a miscarriage, but it was within a month of the conception, so my fiancée was able to cope with it. I know things can happen, and I am obviously scared about it, but my fiancée seems to let this fear cripple her. She refused to allow me to tell anyone our news for the first trimester. Even after that, she didn't want everyone to know. Every time we go in for a check up, she is all but shaking. The doctors have always said that the little one is very healthy. I guess my question is, what can I do to support her through this? I try to help rationalize her fears, but that doesn't work. I try to tell her that I have faith in us and this, and that doesn't work. I love her, and want her to be happy through this amazing time of our lives... not paralyzed with fear.

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When I am around for them I just look at the people in astonishment thinking, "What good do you think you are doing?" I mean, you don't say to someone who is about to get shipped off to war, "Yeah, my dad was in the army... got his whole left arm taken off by an IED..."

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Dude, you were super creepy on HIMYM, but I suppose that was what the part was calling for, so kudos!