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Omg i have a million questions, i wish i could have coffee with you. So much respect but to keep it short - i am also an occasional composer, I'm a professor at Berklee as well but in electronic music production, and took up skincare recently as a new hobby. I look up to you! I love your work and have been so inspired to see what you've achieved inside the old "boys club"

I guess my main one would be if you think that in this day and age, you can truly get involved in a career as a film composer without living in LA.

I moved away from my home of Vancouver, which was probably dumb, but was unhappy there, and focused more on my touring career but have always loved scoring so much and wondering if there are any non-in person avenues to connect and get into the circuit at the same level.

I saw that you mentioned online resources listing composer jobs -do you think that people actually hire from these? Isn't it still just a network of favors and connections?

Thank you for giving your time and I'd also be interested to see your skincare regime

AND know some of your favorite libraries and plugins