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Hey Scott, love the free emails! I signed up last time I saw you in here and I've already booked two flights to Europe for this year! I was wondering if there'd be a way to filter the emails so that I only receive them if they contain an airport around me? It's really disappointing to see an awesome deal on a flight I'd love to book, only to see that the closest airports are 10 hours away.

Thanks for doing this!

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New tomacco sauce?

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Pretty sure I'd buy that every week, just something about it being less than $4 for dinner and lunch the next day

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Amsterdam in a couple months, and then London in the fall (go Browns!). I'm going by myself so I'm hoping to travel around a little bit and see as much as I can while I'm over there. Oh by the way I was talking to someone at my work about the trips and mentioned your emails and she said you were a friend of hers, small world!

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I work in a pharmacy so yes :)