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Not OP but a fellow sufferer of EDS.

The mental side of it usually comes from the early age of manifestation, the average age is 12, and the relatively late age of average diagnosis, 24. This usually means that people with EDS have at least 12 years of unexplained and untreated symptoms. Symptoms include: joint pain, dislocations, fatigue, brain fog and difficulties with memory and concentration, difficulty regulating body temperature, excessive sweating, digestive problems, problems standing for long periods of time. The list, unfortunately, goes on. But the worst of it, at least for me, was that no one believed that I was hurting.

It’s hard with any chronic condition to not feel like your body is betraying you. That’s what really got me. I still struggle with accepting my body and it’s shitty collagen.

Sorry this is a bit rambling, I hope it did help clear some stuff up though

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Have you gotten any pushback from the publishers of textbooks? What about the universities themselves?

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It’s issues with the blood vessels that cause the brain fog. Our blood vessels are very stretchy, like the rest of our body, this can cause blood to pool in our extremities and thus not be in our brain. Add chronic fatigue into it and your memory becomes pants. I hope you have a good life too!!